How to Choose the Right Payment Gateway

It is very important that you team up with only the best in the industry. Since you and your consumers will be relying on the services provided by these payment processors, choosing the right one might mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful internet business. In order to help you choose which among the many payment processors you should partner with, here are some helpful information about the most popular ones.


As the leading payment processor in the world, PayPal has been proven to be very reliable. Its popularity may be attributed with its simplicity – all you will need is an email address. At present, PayPal offers three kinds of online accounts: personal, premier and business. For internet businesses, it is recommended that you get the business account for obvious reasons. In addition, PayPal also features built-in shopping cart, subscriptions, donations, multiple currency transactions, payment notification, customized payment pages, refunds, invoicing, auto return, mass pay and integrated shipping. With all these great features, PayPal will surely help you make your internet business very successful.


Another payment processor that you can rely on is Moneybookers. Its key features include online accounts that are free from any fees, instant money transfers between users, withdrawal or upload of funds using bank transfer, cheque or other payment card, transparent structure of fees, low withdrawal fees, integrated SMS gateway, fax-sending services and multi language websites. Merchants will surely be pleased with the wide range of business solutions available including card processing and free website integration. Moneybookers is also known for its strict security. It verifies user’s identity in order to prevent fraud or money laundering activities.

Google Checkout

Launched in 2006, Google Checkout is already gaining quite a following. It will allow you to store all your credit card information in one username, but hides all the information while doing online shopping. Since this payment processor is very popular among consumers these days, internet businesses should consider accepting payments via Google Checkout. Merchants and consumers will also enjoy fraud protection. In addition, internet businesses with AdWords accounts will be given considerable discounts each month based on AdWords expenditure. Unfortunately, Google Checkout is only available for transactions in the United States and United Kingdom only.


You will be surprised to know that WorldPay was actually launched in 1994. Because of their solid reputation, they are considered to be one of the most secure payment gateways today. When it comes to customer base, WorldPay certainly has a one of the biggest in the industry. It can accept payments in 120 currencies and features a wide array of services including shopping carts.

Another leader in the industry, Authorize has been around since 1996. At present, there are over 200,000 internet businesses that accept payments through this gateway. Authorize prides itself for being stable and reliable. Also, it is especially proud of its Simple Integration Method, Virtual Terminal, Weblink and Advance Integration Method.

There are a lot of processors who will enable you to accept payments from your customers, however the problem is that they are just the processors or gateways that shows your transactions. Today’s online business requires much more sophisticated tools to run it effectively. Many of these payment processors has the restrictions. Some of them require you to have your own shopping cart software integrated with their service. Some of them require your financial information or monthly fees to consider your business. Moreover, some of them have very inflexible payment procedures or restricts you with just one payment option. Now… Just think how it would be good if you could offer all these payment options for your customers with just one pay button? Wouldn’t it be good if you could also run an affiliate program for your product, so affiliates would start selling it right away? There is one great solution. Now that you are knowledgeable about the different payment gateways, you will be able to determine which will suit your needs.

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